Monday, August 22, 2011

MORE remote access?

Being "remote" is not only becoming acceptable in the workplace, but also at school and for many other reasons. Coming from my perspective, I love nothing more than providing a service remotely, in a timely fashion, at the convenience of the client. Although a face to face relationship is a plus in maintaining a client, they love nothing more than having a complicated problem that is limiting their productivity fixed with minimal small talk. That is why texting is so popular. Anyways, logmein has done it again with a new, free product to remote in.
Give the user the URL, they give you the code, and you are in. Did I mention it is free? It works on Windows, Macs & phones with a LARGE screen. 3.5" is not large. 4.3" isn't large either, but I would say it is the minimum size to do anything critical. Let me know how you like, or if you prefer another technology that is similar. I would love to discuss VOIP phones if I see some comments, so feel free to chime in.

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